What is MFA and How to Use MFA Apps

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MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication is an additional layer of security for our online accounts – be it banking, emails, document storage websites like Dropbox, etc. There are multiple ways to make use of MFA. Although, some websites make it mandatory to use MFA for additional security, if you see a website offering this step and … Read more

How to Order Proof and Author Copies of Kindle Paperback Book

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This is a great news for authors! Amazon KDP has recently announced (Jan 13, 2018) that it provides low-cost copies of books for its authors. Ordering author ´╗┐copies You can watch more details on the video above. So, if you have written or writing a book that is going to be published as a paperback, … Read more

KDP Royalties – Earn Through Direct Deposit Worldwide

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If you are a Kindle publisher, you might be facing a problem in not being able to receive direct deposit worldwide, while “check” is the only alternative to receive royalties from international sales of your eBooks. We will sort that issue for you in this blog post! Amazon provides 13 marketplaces worldwide, as you know, … Read more