My Best Desk Camera Mount – for YouTube Creations

There comes a time when you suddenly find yourself in the ‘zone’ to create a video. Everything just ‘flows’ into your mind – the scenes, the words, your articulation, your facial expressions, the opening scene, presentation, monetizing ideas. Script could be unnecessary in those ‘divine’ times when content just flows with the right ideas and … Read more

Easy way to Download List of YouTube Videos Metadata from ANY YouTube Channel (FREE)

If you are a YouTuber (or for any other reason), you may want to check other YouTube channels to see what videos did well for them. Preferably, even download list of YouTube videos’ metadata for researching deeply.

We can do that by going to any channel and sort their videos by popularity.


extract and download list of youtube videos from any channel

But what if you want to download the list of YouTube videos’ metadata such as:

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The Best Free Annotation Tool for Presenters

If you’re into presentations or teaching something through screen sharing online with others, you know you cannot annotate, highlight nor zoom into the screen while¬†presenting. This is possible in some presentation software like Microsoft¬†PowerPoint to some extent but not without showing the audience what you are actually doing in front of them. But here’s what’s … Read more